Port Terminals Sign Agreement With Stevedores

Last week, the main container terminal groups (such as APM Terminals, BEST-Hutchison, MSC, TTIA and Noatum), in disagreement with ANESCO, signed separate agreements with the stevedores. The agreements will commit them to negotiate the 5th framework agreement for the Spanish stevedore sector. The contract will also guarantee 100% employment against a 10% reduction of stevedore’s salaries. Negotiations for the signature of the 5th framework agreement will be finalized by September 30th.

Until the negotiations are finalized, the main Spanish ports should have a social peace. The ports of Barcelona, Valencia, and Algeciras have already begun to operate normally. These ports are not expected to be affected by the remaining stoppages that are scheduled to occur. However, congestion is still an issue, therefore all operations are not expected to be back to normal immediately. This will especially affect the reefer containers, which are still not allowed to enter the terminals. If you have cargo that requires extra protection like a refrigerated or insulated container, please consider making alternative arrangements.

ANESCO’s position with the stevedores still remains the same. However, without the support of the main container terminal groups, ANESCO’s strength in negotiations has weakened. As a result, ANESCO will become a minor player within the final negotiations, if they do not dissolve before.

We will continue to keep you up to date on any developments of the situation. If you have any questions as to how the strike may impact the transportation of your cargo passing through the Spanish ports, please contact us!

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