Connect with WSSA at CONECT 2017!

CONECT’s 21st Annual T&T Conference
April 11th – 13th
Gurney’s Newport Resort & Marina
Newport, Rhode Island

Interested in networking and learning about the challenges faced today in the global trade industry? Want to find out how the new trade agenda will affect your business? Join our Managing Director, Alison Leavitt, at CONECT 2017, and hear about the latest trade lane updates! Come learn about our membership advantage while you gain insightful information on global trade!

CONECT serves to support the businesses of New England that depend on international trade. This event will be comprised of importers, exporters, customs brokers, freight forwarders, port authorities, logistics providers, consultants and others active in global trade.

Why miss a great opportunity to improve your cargo transportation operations, network with other industry participants like yourself, and meet WSSA!
Don’t forget to register by April 7th!
For more event information, visit the website or email us! 
To schedule an appointment with WSSA, email us!
gurney-s-newport-resort-and-marina-exterior.5Image Source
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