NZ Earthquake: Transportation Update

Our New Zealand office released the newest update on the transport conditions following the impact of the island’s earthquake last week.


Please note that Centreport Wellington remains closed to vessel operations until further notice. The port’s administration has advised that they are making progress on bringing operations back up to speed. However, there is much to be done – specifically regarding container shipping. The port hopes to have a more detailed plan for the container operations within ten days. Until then, the operations are suspended.

Trucking Charges

  • A “cost recovery charge” has been implemented to cover additional mileage, fuel consumption, and time on line hauls from Christchurch to Blenheim. Please be aware of these extra charges on your next invoice if you have cargo traveling this route.
  • A 17% surcharge has been implemented on line hauls from Auckland to Canterbury/Central Otago & return.
  • A 27% surcharge has been implemented on line hauls from Hawkes Bay to Canterbury/Central Otago & return.

Click here to view the entire Press Release Update. We will continue to update you on the recovery process as we receive information. Feel free to call or email us with any questions or concerns.


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