NSLC Awards Albatrans 3PL Status


Albatrans Canada has recently been approved by the NSLC as a quality Third Party Service provider. Albatrans will work with suppliers/agents in respect to consolidation, freight forwarding, ocean freight movement, and custom/excise documentation for imported alcoholic beverages from a variety of origins through the Port of Halifax. They will also assist with drayage, deconsolidation, warehousing and outbound freight to the NSLC and other predetermined destinations.

Other USA and Canadian importers can benefit from the Halifax hub, a northeast port that is not congested, and offering one of the fastest transit time options from Europe and some Mediterranean ports. Should you be interested in exploring this opportunity, Albatrans can provide competitive trucking and rail rates to New England and the Midwest via Halifax. Feel free to contact WSSA for more information.

Albatrans is thrilled about this opportunity to continue to expand their global footprint in the wine and spirits logistics industry. We look forward to working with the NSLC as they continue to grow the logistics model that has validated the Atlantic Gateway concept to launch Nova Scotia as a center of excellence for imported beverage alcohol distribution regionally and nationally.

To see the full announcement, please click here.


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